The newsletters of the Chicago International Dispute Resolution Associatioon

Undisputed Facts - Winter 2001

Newsletter of The Chicago International Dispute Resolution Association

Panel Membership Growing
Mediation Training
A New Way to Resolve International Business Disputes in Illinois
  I. Introduction
  II. Expansion of Global Commerce and the Growing Importance of Arbitration
  III. The Chicago International Dispute Resolution Association
  IV. Statutory Framework for Arbitration
    A. The New York Convention
    B. The Federal Arbitration Act and the Uniform Arbitration Act
  V. The Illinois Commercial Arbitration Act
    A. The UNCITRAL Model Arbitration Law
    B. Jurisdiction
    C. Judicial Involvement
    D. ICAA Procedures
    E. Tribunal Findings
  VI. Conclusion
  About the Authors
Upcoming ADR Events
Book Review: @Risk: Internet and E-commerce Insurance and Reinsurance Legal Issues
Model Arbitration Clause or Separate Arbitration Agreement
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