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The Chicago International Dispute Resolution Association (CIDRA), established in 1997 as an Illinois Not-for-Profit Corporation, offers members the opportunity to participate in a new forum devoted exclusively to the resolution of private international business disputes.

Benefits of individual or corporate membership in CIDRA include:

  • Access to a neutral forum located at One South Wacker Drive, Suite 2800, Chicago, Illinois 60606, USA, for cost-effective, expeditious resolution of disputes, with the assistance of highly qualified mediators, arbitrators, fact-finding experts and professionals in a wide range of disciplines
  • Educational and training opportunities for business and dispute-resolution professionals and managers, including seminars, conferences, symposia and informal get-togethers
  • Newsletter featuring topical and significant international legal issues, emphasizing developments in the field of alternative dispute resolution
  • Model contract clauses designed to assist transnational businesses in the development, implementation and management of a comprehensive alternative dispute resolution program
  • Directory of members indicating areas of expertise/business and professional affiliations, and Internet website, providing immediate access to a diverse network of international contacts and resources
  • Public service opportunities to influence, refine and streamline the international dispute resolution process, through the development and promotion of effective alternatives to litigation, such as the proposed Illinois International Commercial Arbitration Act that CIDRA is sponsoring in the Illinois legislature
  • EntrĂ©es to worldwide professional, academic, and public service organizations, as well as business and trade associations, through CIDRA affiliation.