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Arbitration Rules:

Mediation Rules:

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Arbitration Rules

Mediation Rules

(as Effective on July 1, 2005)(as Effective on February 20, 1998)
Article 1 Introductory RulesArticle 1Introductory Rules
Article 2 Notice, Calculation Periods of TimeArticle 2Notice, Calculation of Periods of Time
Article 3 Statement of Claim and Notice of ArbitrationArticle 3Fast Track Mediation
Article 4 Statement of Defense
Article 4 Initiation of Mediation
Article 5 Amendments to the Claim or Defense
Article 5 Response to Request to Mediate or for Issuance of an Invitation to Mediate
Article 6 Representation and AssistanceArticle 6 Representation and Assistance
Article 7 Composition of the Arbitral Tribunal
Article 7 Selection and Appointment of Mediator
Articles 8 to 10- Appointment of ArbitratorsArticle 8 Selection and Appointment of Co-Mediators
Article 8 Sole Arbitrator
Article 9 Independence, Disclosure
Article 9 Three Arbitrators
Article 10 Grounds for Challenge
Article 10 Multiple Parties
Article 11Procedures for Challenge
Articles 11 to 14- Challenges of ArbitratorsArticle 12 CIDRA Oversight
Article 11 Independence, DisclosureArticle 13Replacement of a Mediator or Co-Mediator
Article 12 Grounds for ChallengeArticle 14 Role of the Mediator
Article 13 Procedures for ChallengeArticle 15 Authority of the Mediator
Article 14 CIDRA Oversight
Article 16 Language
Article 15 Replacement of an ArbitratorArticle 17 Premediation Exchange of Documents or
Other Information
Article 16 Repetition of Hearings in the Event of the Replacement of an ArbitratorArticle 18 Premediation Conferences and Written Statements
Article 17 Arbitral ProceedingsArticle 19 Date, Time, and Place of Mediation
Article 18Place of ArbitrationArticle 20 Mediation Proceedings - Ground Rules
Article 19Language
Article 21Confidentiality
Article 20Pleas as to the Jurisdiction of the Arbitral TribunalArticle 22Settlement
Article 21Further Written StatementsArticle 23Other Alternatives if Settlement Is Not Reached
Article 22Periods of TimeArticle 24Termination or Reopening of Mediation Proceedings
Articles 23 and 24 - Evidence and Hearing Article 25Expenses
Article 23EvidenceArticle 26Mediator Fees
Article 24HearingsArticle 27Deposit of Expenses and Mediator Fees
Article 25Interim Measures of ProtectionArticle 28Interpretation and Application of Rules
Article 26ExpertsArticle 29CIDRA Functions
Article 27Default
Article 30Exclusion from Liability
Article 28Close of Hearings  
Article 29Waiver
Appendix A
CIDRA Mediation Fees
Article 30The AwardAppendix BCIDRA Mediation Submission Agreement
Article 31Form and Effect of the AwardAppendix C
CIDRA Mediation Evaluation Form
Article 32Applicable Law and Remedies
Article 33Settlement, Termination of ProceedingsSample CIDRA Arbitration and Mediation Clauses
Article 34Interpretation of the Award 
Article 35Correction of the Award  
Article 36Additional Award  
Articles 37 to 39 - Costs and Fees  
Article 37
Article 38
Article 39Apportionment of Costs and Fees  
Article 40
Deposit of Costs  
Article 41
Fast Track Arbitration  
Article 42
Article 43
Exclusion from Liability